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About us

About us

Our center was founded by honored worker of science of Russia, member of Russian and American Association of neurosurgeons M.D., Professor Georgy Samuilovich Tigliev and Doctor of medicine, member of the American College of Surgeons Frank S. Latcher more than 13 years ago.

The idea of the creation of the centre was to bring to life many new methods of treatment, which are protected by patents and rationalization advices offers for the treatment of patients with different pathology requiring neurosurgical intervention. Time and excellent results of the conducted treatment confirmed the consistency of the centre.

The center is located at the base of one of the best medical institutions of the city - hospital N 122 of them. Sokolova. High-tech equipment of operating, accommodation of the patients in comfortable single wards, sensitive and attentive attitude to the sick of the middle medical personnel - all this makes the stay in our center as pleasant as possible, and effective treatment. This is especially noted in numerous reviews of our patients.

In our center carries out the examination and treatment of patients at a modern level, with the use of a number of new microsurgical technologies. At the present time the center carries out the whole range of neurosurgical operations. We employ the most experienced and talented specialists of the Institute of neurosurgery them. A.L. Polenov.

In our center the guaranteed execution of the operation the leading specialist of the given direction of neurosurgery.

We are happy to answer further questions on the examination and treatment in our center.

When performing of neurosurgical operations shall apply to the original patented techniques to avoid disorders of venous and arterial blood circulation of the brain, as well as cosmetic defects, the maximum preservation of cerebral function. Our doctors are actively involved in scientific activity, participate in numerous scientific conferences and symposiums, constantly increase their professional level.

Operation for restoration of functions of the facial nerve at the various types of damage, are without exaggeration unique.

In case of operations on the spine for herniated disc, or tumors of the spinal cord - significant reduction of trauma surgery, is reduced to 2-3 days duration of stay in clinic. Actively apply methods of early activation and rehabilitation.